Sport Mastery

Mastermind Community with a Mastery Approach to Success

Sport Mastery is for athletes, coaches, parents, and supporters who are looking to continuously grow as the best versions of themselves. Join other dynamic and courageous individuals who are committed to excellence and proactively growing in all aspects of who they are. 


To start your Sport Mastery membership, you must apply and have successfully completed at least one Warrior Woke program.

This program will help participants to:

  • Experience transformative growth in the following areas: Your Mindset, Performance, Communication, Energy, Leadership, and Team
  • Align your mastery vision and goals with habits and strategies that take you further
  • Discover and breakthrough unconscious barriers that hold you back from what you want athletically, personally, and professionally
  • Be supported within a community of other likeminds and experience
  • Intelligently grow within safe space to ask questions, integrate the principles, and apply what you are learning
  • Share real-world applications each week and make incredible distinctions for continued reinforcement




Be supported by a community of masterminds who are encouraging and vulnerable, and who hold each other accountable to their visions and goals.


Mental Health

Your emotional, psychological, and social well-being affect how you think, feel, and act, as well as how you handle stress, make decisions and interact with others.


When you know you or your athlete’s potential and next level is possible, you recognize greater opportunities for progress and advancement.

Health & Energy

Building and maintaining optimal health makes it possible to achieve the goals you set and live the life you desire.


Learning to be a self-motivated leader helps you more effectively lead and influence those around you.

Mental Toughness

Building the positive mental attributes and strength to handle difficult circumstances will help you cope with challenging situations with your athlete and in all areas of your life.

Life Balance

You may not have equal time to spend in every area of your life, but when you are fully present and maximize your energy and efforts, you will find the value of quality over quantity.


Life is not always predictable, and growth happens outside your comfort zone; when you step into uncertainty proactively, your internal motivation will guide you towards growth.


A lack of confidence can impact everything. Building your belief and supporting your athlete's abilities and strengths takes repetition, practice, and patience, just like every other skill.

Sport Mastery


  • Weekly leading-edge coaching calls and advisor check-ins
  • Flexible monthly subscription – opt-out, pause, and pick back up at any time
  • Access anywhere you have a smartphone and internet service
  • Weekly assignments and online journal
  • The ability to complete at your own time and pace
  • Mastermind team support
  • Exclusive Sport Mastery retreats and events

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Program price USD $99.00/mo