Foundation of Influence

6 Weeks to Making Every Interaction Count

The Foundation of Influence is a leading-edge training program with award-winning tools, principles, and models of influence to help you produce more successful communication with your coaches, players, parents, team members, partners, and media network. In general, people act, respond, and react to communication-based unconscious patterns of meeting an emotional need before a logical need. In knowing and understanding these emotional patterns of behavior and communication, you will gain a completely new skill set for success to utilize in every interaction with others.

This program will help participants to:

  • Develop a heightened level of awareness around what people really want
  • Understand your own emotional needs and the communication patterns you practice
  • Confidently adjust your approach and communication to align with others
  • Learn how to quickly identify communication patterns and emotional needs of others
  • Experience greater ease and confidence when communicating with anyone




The NEW Golden Rule: Treat Others How They Want to Be Treated


Mental Health

Your emotional, psychological, and social well-being affect how you think, feel, and act, as well as how you handle stress, make decisions, and interact with others.


When you know your vision is possible, you recognize greater opportunities for progress and advancement - on the field, in the classroom, and in life.

Health & Energy

Learning to be a self-motivated leader helps you more effectively lead and influence those around you.


Learning to be a self-motivated leader helps you more effectively lead and influence those around you.

Mental Toughness

Building positive mental attributes and strength to handle difficult circumstances on the court or in the classroom will help you cope with challenging situations in all areas of your life.

Life Balance

You may not have equal time to spend in every area of your life, but when you are fully present and maximize your energy and efforts, you will find the value of quality over quantity.


Life is not always predictable, and growth happens outside your comfort zone; when you step into uncertainty proactively, your internal motivation will guide you towards growth.

Player Confidence

A lack of confidence can impact all of your goals on the field and in the classroom; building your belief in your abilities and your strengths take practice just like every other skill.

Foundation of Influence


  • Leading-edge tools to be more confident in communicating with people in any situation
  • Breakthrough insights to help you and your team reach your goals even faster
  • Awareness for yourself and your team
  • Clarity around why you may struggle to align with certain individuals
  • Step by step expert guidance through the program
  • Live and recorded coaching calls for real time integration, greater understanding and convenient playback

Start Your Influence Journey!

Program price USD $595