Our Programs


The Challenge for Athletes

Throughout every stage of the athlete’s life - from youth sports to the pros - athletes encounter both internal and external pressures to succeed. Physical training and rehabilitation are available, but without support for the mental game, athletes may lack a solid foundation to propel them both on and off the field.


The Challenge for Students

Today's students struggle in a culture that defines their worth by external measures such as grades, test scores, athletic performance, extracurricular achievement, and social media. Students need support in developing their mindset and exploring their core beliefs, interests, values, and talents while engaging with issues in the real world and in their own experiences.


The Solution

With powerful and effective 30-, 45- and 60-day habit conditioning programs, Warrior Woke provides tools to support the mindset, beliefs, and habits athletes and students need to overcome challenges and maximize their potential.

Areas our programs target:

  • Mental Health
  • Focus
  • Life Balance
  • Health & Energy
  • Uncertainty
  • Leadership
  • Communication
  • Self Confidence
  • Mental Toughness & Resilience
  • Exposure to Opportunities

Youth & High School Sports

We’ve all heard that success just requires a positive mindset. But do we really believe that it works? And do we know why? Our programs for youth and high school athletes focus on:

  • How mindset impacts performance
  • How an athlete’s unconscious patterns and habits can sabotage their best efforts
  • How team members, coaches, and parents can best communicate to help athletes tap into their capabilities and reach their full potential
  • How to build a foundation for ongoing growth as an athlete and an infrastructure for player development

College Sports

Our programs for the collegiate athlete build on the same tenets as our youth programs, plus they include:

  • Managing newfound independence with discipline and focus
  • Meeting the intensity of increased competition with rigor and a positive mindset
  • Supporting success at the highest level with player development and personal branding
  • Creating a foundation of financial literacy for budgeting, scholarships, and potential contract negotiations

Semi-Pro & Professional Sports

Our programs for semi-professional and professional athletes incorporate the foundation of mindset and focus while also including aspects of the unique elite athlete experience, such as: 

  • Strengthening your identity on and off the field
  • Managing the mental impact of physical setbacks and injuries
  • Limiting self-sabotage by recognizing behaviors that don’t serve you
  • Reinforcing the process, habits, and years of effort that got you to the top of your game


Students need support in developing a clear, internally-guided sense of self that helps them be more resilient when faced with life’s setbacks and challenges. Our programs for students focus on:

  • Taking proactive steps towards wellness and building positive mental health
  • Developing tools to find strength in their identity and authentic self
  • Preparing for moments that may be unpleasant or challenging
  • Learning to create a plan to get through the challenges without becoming overwhelmed by the emotions that arise